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Information websites about the conditions of road traffic: forecasts / real-time traffic, detours, works, accidents...



France: Bison Futé


Flight booking, services offered to passengers, parking, shuttle ...

Strasbourg airport in Entzheim

EuroAirport Basel - Mulhouse - Freiburg in Saint-Louis


The principle of carsharing is that individuals gain the benefits of private cars without the costs and responsibilities of ownership. Instead they have access to a fleet of vehicles on an as-needed basis. Carsharing may be thought of as organized short-term car rental.

Citiz Alsace (Auto'trement)

Citiz is a network of non-profit cooperatives, associations and public services that organize carsharing.


Sharing of car journeys so that more than one person travels in a car. Drivers and passengers offer and search for journeys through one of the several mediums available. After finding a match they contact each other to arrange any details for the journey (costs, meeting points and other details like space for luggage).

Covoiturage 67-68

The website Covoiturage 67-68 is a carpool portal set up by the "Conseils Départementaux" of Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin. It facilitates ridesharing, for regular journeys (job, studies) and occasional journeys (weekend trip) alike.

Bla Bla Car

Passengers: easily book your seat online and save money. Very reliable, even at the last minute!
Drivers: Share your costs by taking nice passengers along during long car rides.

Maps of cycling routes

In Alsace (bicycle touring) : Alsace à Vélo

Interactive map of the territory and downloadable guides of the best routes / tours to discover the region safely by bike.

Bas-Rhin : Bicycle routes

Haut-Rhin : Bicycle paths and routes

Bicycle rental

Strasbourg : Vélhop (self-service bikes)

Mulhouse : Vélocité (self-service bikes)

Colmar : Colmar Vélo association

Haguenau : Vélo'Ritmo

Obernai : Vél'O

Cycling associations

Fédération française des Usagers de la Bicyclette

Bas-Rhin : Comité d'Action Deux Roues 67 (CADR67)

Cyclistes Associés pour le Droit de Rouler en Sécurité (CADRes) : Mulhouse | Colmar

Bicycle repair clubs and workshops 

Promotion of bicycle use through learning of mechanics in self-repair workshops.

Bretz'Selle in Strasbourg

VéloStation in Strasbourg-Neudorf

Vélodocteurs in Colmar


Advanced, user-oriented form of public transport characterised by flexible routing and scheduling of small/medium vehicles operating in shared-ride mode between pick-up and drop-off locations according to passengers needs (reservation required, generally by phone).

Associations of public transport users

In Alsace : FNAUT Alsace

Strasbourg Eurométropole : ASTUS

Territorial attractiveness

"A" heart symbol: Alsace condensed in a letter

Territorial attractiveness: doing business, settling in, studying and visiting Alsace.

Tourism in Alsace

Official website for Tourism in Alsace.

Alsace Wine Route

The Alsace Wine Route, a renowned vineyard sightseeing tour passing through 70 beautiful villages.

Alsace en famille

Official website for family-friendly events and sightseeing in Alsace, with suggestions for stays and accommodation.

Christmas in Alsace

Christmas markets and celebrations in Alsace: traditions and authenticity.


10 thematic approaches to experiencing Alsace. Find sightseeing ideas based on your preferences.