Colmar Agglomération focuses on the accessibility of its public transport network.
Colmar Agglomération and the SITREC approved the master plan for accessibility in accordance with the law of February 11, 2005. This scheme provides a comprehensive set of network access over the period 2008/2015 which includes rolling stock, passenger information and bus stops.

Today, 15 buses on a fleet of 40 buses are available: with a kneeling system, removable ramp and one or two seats reserved for wheelchairs and strollers.

It is planned to make available all the judgments of the network by 2015/2017.
To date, there are 70 stops accessible within the meaning of the law or allowing access only to PRM and comfortable that is considered passable. Line No. 1 is practically accessible, it will be completed in 2010 and the No. 3 line and the line S in the evening.

How to identify accessible buses?

On each bus and each line concerned (1, 3, A, B, C and S), an icon (wheelchair) to visualize the accessibility for wheelchair users. To locate your bus available, check that this icon is present at:

  • The schedule of the bus pass,
  • On line diagram and the network map at the stops accessible.

How to use the facilities of access?

The retractable ramp
Access is via the central door, pressing a button "access request", located at the door.
The driver activates the deployment of the ramp only to cases fitted edges higher of lines 1, 3, A, B, C and S. This ramp can fill the space between the sidewalk and the low floor bus.

The area reserved for wheelchairs or strollers
This site is located at the platform in the middle of the bus. The wheelchair must be positioned so that it is well backed on the record, in the opposite direction of travel, back to the road. To get off, ask the bus stop with the button under the window, near the space for the wheelchair.

In addition, Colmar Agglomération offers a transport service dedicated to the request to people with disabilities working on the basis of reservations. Her price, ie 2 tickets for the unit and return, is identical to a shift in the rest of the network.