The Urban Community of Strasbourg (CUS) is the Organizing Authority for Urban Transport (A.O.T.U.). Its role is to organize and fund public transport which it has jurisdiction over within its territory, including Strasbourg and 28 surrounding communes.

The CUS. delegates to the Strasbourg Transport Company the implementation of the service and its operations.


Tramway and bus

Two players contribute to the operation and development of public urban transport service of the CUS:

  • CUS, organizing and concession-granting authority
    It decides on the content of the service including the consistency of the urban network (tramway and bus), services, pricing, service quality and information to passengers related to purchases and renewals of rolling stock.
    It pays a fixed amount to the operator, offset fare reductions and guarantees its loans.
  • C.T.S., operator
    The assignment contract entrusts C.T.S. with the control authority to achieve tram routes and their extensions. It is also responsible for network operations, maintenance of both works and equipment as well as the purchase and renewal of rolling stock. It also bears the recruitment and training costs of staff.
    It provides the defined service at the quality level requested by the CUS and implements appropriate ways. It collects traffic revenue.

Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois (C.T.S)

The urban network consists in:

  • 35 lines (tram and bus) with a total length of 371 km, including 53 km in own site
  • 1 146 stops
  • 94 tram rails
  • 254 buses : 174 standard and 80 jointed buses
  • 4 Taxibus services serving 12 municipalities in the evening
  • 1 494 agents, including 971 urban drivers
  • 17,5 millions of kilometers driven in 2011
  • 108 millions of travelers transported in 2011, including 68 millions with tramway. The use increased by 3,9% in 2011.


For more information on schedules, rates and other useful information, please browse the C.T.S website:

or phone Allo C.T.S at: 03 88 77 70 70

Download the urban network map (New window) (C.T.S. website)