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The organization of departmental inter urban public transportation is composed of three main players.

The Bas-Rhin department is the organizing authority for the non-urban transportation of people (road, guided or subway of departmental interest), of on demand transportation and school transportation (outside the perimeters of urban transportation). Since the Law on the orientation of Internal Transportation (LOTI 1982), the Department defines the transportation offer, notably the routes and services, the rate, the comfort requirement while inside inter-urban cars and the service quality. The Department finances the integrality of the routes from Réseau 67 (regular routes) and school routes.

In order to operate the school routes and those of Réseau 67, the Department enters into contract with transportation companies. The latter execute defined service, in accordance with the specifications.

Finally, the Department can delegate its transportation organization competence upon request of the demanding Communities of communes. As such, the Communities of communes contract public agreements with transportation companies. The Department financial participation is of 50% of the operation deficit.
Réseau 67 is composed of 48 regular routes which go through the departmental territory.
The routes are organized into 4 displacement basins:

All of Bas-Rhin communes are not serviced by Réseau 67 routes but most of the time, they benefit from a school route service.

How to get information related to Réseau 67 ?

Aside from time information available at bus stops and town halls, Bas-Rhin Department has implemented a phone number "Infos Réseau 67" at 09 27 67 67 67. This service allows on one hand, the provision of information to users related to Réseau 67 routes and its immediate correspondences with the T.E.R., Réseau 67 accessibility routes, school routes and on request transportation and on the other hand, it allows the reservation on virtual and accessible routes (wheelchair location) of Réseau 67, within the Bas-Rhin department.

"Infos Réseau 67" operates due to an unique number 09 72 67 67 67 (non taxed call). The hours of operation are:

  • From Monday to Friday, from 5 A.M to 6:30 P.M
  • On Saturday from 8 A.M to 12 P.M and from 1:30 P.M to 5 P.M.

A particular modality

The reservations have to be made from Monday to Friday, the night before the trip or at the latest before 5:30 P.M and prior to 11:30 A.M on Saturdays for a Monday trip.

Of course, the reservations can be placed in advance and the client can do multiple reservations at a time.

Our missions

The central service for Info Réseau 67 completes 3 missions :
1. Provide information to clients on :

  • the time and use terms and conditions of regular routes, school routes and zonal on-demand transportation services;
  • the rates, the transport documents and sale locations as well as on the parties entitled to the services ;
  • the Réseau 67 itineraries with immediate T.E.R correspondences;
  • major disturbances.

2. Reservation

  • of virtual services on Réseau 67
  • of a given location for people in wheelchairs on Réseau 67 accessible routes.

3. The management of clients' claims