General presentation

The public service organization for regional passenger transportation - T.E.R Alsace - involves three key players.

logo of administrative region Grand Est
  • The administrative region Grand Est (Alsace Champagne-Ardenne Lorraine) is the transport-organizing authority of T.E.R Alsace.

Since the decentralization of regional passenger transport in 1997 (experimental), attendance T.E.R Alsace has more than doubled (124%) in number of passengers and more than tripled (206%) in number of kilometers traveled by these passengers.
The administrative region Grand Est is the transport-organizing authority that funds T.E.R Alsace, regional trains and coaches. It decides the content of the service offer to passengers, which includes service frequencies, regional pricing, rolling stock... It also defines and controls the quality of service and information provided to passengers.

  • S.N.C.F. is the operator of the T.E.R Alsace network.
    In this capacity, it performs the defined service at the level of quality requested by the Region, implements the appropriate means in a totally independant manner, and finally, carries out a mission of assistance, advice and specific studies for the Region.
logo of S.N.C.F. Réseau
  • S.N.C.F. Réseau is the owner of the railway infrastructure.
    In this capacity, it maintains the network and defines the train operation schedules on the railway lines based on the requirements.