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What is Vialsace ?

Vialsace is an information system that allows users to plan their journeys throughout the region Alsace (France).

What is the scope of passenger information provided in the website?

Created through a partnership between the major 10 Alsatian Transport Organising Authorities, Vialsace covers all existing public transport networks in the region.
This is the only cross-border traveler information portal with which you can plan your public transport route between Alsace and the border territories.

How to get Vialsace information on my mobile phone?

You can register in "My Space" and receive information about public transport in Alsace by S.M.S. You can also visit the Vialsace mobile site:

What is the purpose of Vialsace?

Vialsace aims at providing you with all information needed to plan your trips: timetables, journey planner, news, disruptions, practical information, etc.

Vialsace currently includes 10 transport networks:

  • T.E.R. Alsace
  • Réseau 67
  • Lignes de Haute-Alsace
  • C.T.S. Strasbourg
  • SOLEA Mulhouse
  • TRACE Colmar
  • DISTRIBUS Saint Louis
  • RITMO Haguenau
  • TIS Sélestat
  • PASS'O Obernai

How to input the places of departure and arrival (journey planner)?

With the simplified journey planning form, ie the search form displayed on the homepage, you can input different types of departure and arrival points:

  • the name of a locality: any locality in the Alsace region can be selected.
  • a specific address: most streets in the Alsace region can be selected, but some house numbers may not be included in the map database, in which case Vialsace selects the center of the street as the place of departure or arrival.
  • the name of a place: more than 8,000 points of interest are georeferenced in Vialsace. They often help to improve the quality of the proposed routes, as they are often close to several stops/stations.
  • the name of the stop/station: all transit stops served by one or more partner networks are referenced in Vialsace. Please note that only vehicles that stop specifically at that station (or generally within a radius of 250m) are included in the proposed routes.

Once you submit your selection, results with default parameters are displayed. You can change the "advanced options" according to your preferences.

One of the proposed journeys seems faulty to me. What do I do?

How to report a problem with the journey planner

During your route searches, you may get a result that you are not satisfied with, either because the information is unclear, or because you believe that there is a better alternative.

A link named Give my opinion is available for every journey, under the Other services tab.

You just send us your contact details and feedback through the form. The parameters of your route search are sent automatically.


What are the modes of transportation available? Only transit?

The main feature of Vialsace is its multimodal journey planner that combines most public transport offers in the Alsace region.

But it also offers lifts (carpooling), cycling routes and dial-a-ride.
If you select the relevant option, you can even combine regular public transportation (bus/train/tramway lines) with cycling, dial-a-ride or driving route, which gives you access to stations too far away to reach by foot.

Free trips for young children?

No ticket is required for children (strollers excepted) accompanied by an adult holding a ticket, without a reserved seat, according to the following age requirements:

  • T.E.R. Alsace: under 4
  • Réseau 67: under 4
  • Lignes de Haute-Alsace: under 4
  • C.T.S. (Strasbourg): under 4
  • Soléa (Mulhouse): under 4 (max 3 children per adult).
  • Trace (Colmar): under 4 (companion aged 14 or more)
  • Distribus (Saint-Louis): under 6
  • Ritmo (Haguenau): under 4
  • TIS (Sélestat): under 4
  • Pass'O (Obernai): under 4