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Alsa+ daily tickets, for most public transport networks in Alsace

One single ticket for global access to most public transport networks

Alsace wants to become a visiting place. Innovative and conniving, it wishes to facilitate your daily trips. As such, the Alsatian collectivities responsible for the transportation are launching 2 new multi network titles "ALSA+ 24 heures" and "ALSA+ Groupe Journée".

Their features?
A unique ticket which allows the unlimited access to the set of public transportation network (regional trains, buses, tramways, cars) circulating within the zone chosen upon purchase. Forget about the accumulation of expenses and multiple purchases. And welcome free trips!

Thanks to the access to all transportation networks, these new titles make it easier to successively use several modes of public transportation, on the same trip or for diverse destinations, the choice is yours. A unique ticket is the your chance to freely choice the most practical solution.

Thanks to the zones distribution, you can determinate the perimeter iwithin which you wish to travel. Are your trips local? Chose among different urban zones. Do you need to make your way through Alsace? A larger geographic validity is offered.

ALSA + 24 heures ticket

The "ALSA + 24 heures" ticket is valid for one traveler, on all networks (regional trains, buses, tramways, cars) for a period of 24 hours starting from its validation. "ALSA + 24 heures" can be used every day and, depending on the zone chosen upon the purchase, allows to either move within a given region, within one of the two Alsatian departments, or one of the main towns.

ALSA+ Groupe Journée ticket

The "ALSA + Groupe Journée" ticket is valid on all networks (regional trains, buses, tramways, cars) for a small group of 2 - 5 persons. As such it can only be used on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. It is valid one day: it expires at midnight, no matter the time of its validation.
"ALSA + Groupe Journée" is available in the following versions: Regional (Alsace), Departmental (Haut-Rhin or Bas-Rhin) or Urban zone (ex: Strasbourg, etc).

Prices by zone

  Public transportation zoneALSA+ 24H : valid everydayALSA+ groupe journée : valid on weekends & public holidays
Urban zone Strasbourg or Mulhouse € 4.40 € 6.80
Colmar, Sélestat, Saint-Louis or Haguenau € 3.50 € 5.30
Département Bas-Rhin or Haut-Rhin € 22.50 € 23.60
Région Alsace (départements 67 & 68) € 36.90 € 38.10

Purchasing guide

What are the networks concerned?

"ALSA + 24 heures" and "ALSA + Groupe Journée" allow, for a given duration and zone, an unlimited access to the zone's regional trains "T.E.R.", buses, cars and tramways

Where can I purchase the "ALSA + 24 heures" and "ALSA + Groupe Journée" tickets?

These new transport documents are available at all public transport networks in Alsace. Be aware that, the trip must start on the network where the ticket is being purchased !

Summary table of the sales points of Alsa+ tickets for the different transport networks:


Legend: R Regional ; D Departmental ; U Urban

* except in the local council community of Sélestat, Saint-Louis conurbation, Haguenau and Schweighouse-sur-Moder

The references D and U refer respectively to the departmental area and the urban area of the place of departure. For example, at C.T.S. ticket machines, you can only buy a ticket that is valid for Strasbourg Eurométropole / Bas-Rhin / whole Alsace area.

Exception: you can buy a ticket for any area at all T.E.R. Alsace counters. However, the following rules apply regarding the location of validation and validity period.

Where should I validate the ticket?

It is only required to validate the ticket once, at the beginning of the trip at the network where it was purchased. The ticket is then valid on all the networks of the chosen zone.
Only departmental and regional Alsa+ 24h / G.J. tickets are sold by the S.N.C.F., be it at S.N.C.F. stores, ticket windows or ticket machines.